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Building Your Resume

Now that you have completed your AmeriCorps service you can leverage your experience to help get a job. 

Potential employers recognize the value of AmeriCorps service. Though your service is not considered employment, the experience you develop through service shows your ability to handle tough tasks, your commitment to seeing things through and your dedication to working on challenging issues.


You can put your AmeriCorps experience to good use as you transition from service—and your service may give you direct help in being considered for some federal positions.


How you include your AmeriCorps experience on your resume and in interviews is important. You should describe briefly but clearly the AmeriCorps program where you served and what you did. For example: The core objectives of the AmeriCorps Summer Internship include mentoring, leadership training and program coordination. Do not forget to list these skills on your resume.


Ask your project supervisors or co-workers if you can list them as references so potential employers can hear about your successes and accomplishments. 


Below is an excerpt from a sample resume to demonstrate how to highlight your service.